Seamless Gutters: Keeping You Dry

Hearing the sound of rain pattering on your roof, or the fresh smell after a rainstorm can be calming and enjoyable.  One part of house maintenance forgotten until it rains is the rain gutters that frame the roof of the house.  The quickest way to destroy a nice rain shower is when you walk out of your house and become drenched by a steady waterfall coming from above the front door.  Rain gutters can help put a stop to the waterfalls, but the seams can still leak.  If the seams are in an inconvenient place, then you can still get wet even with the gutters on the house.  The solution is seamless gutters.

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Seamless rain gutters are an economical way to help protect your house from the elements.  They do not just keep you dry, but keep the house dry by diverting water away from the foundation of the home, avoiding wood rot on the roof, or avoiding erosion on the yards landscaping. Seamless guttering is a quick way to improve quality and value to your seamless guttershome.  Aluminum is the preferred material for the system.  Although it is more prone to dents, the color endures throughout the elements and maintains its color. It is also extremely economical, costing $4 to $8 per linear foot. Vinyl is also available and less expensive, but the material becomes brittle with the weathering and can be brittle more rapidly in a colder climate.  How much do gutters cost? Vinyl seamless rain gutters cost around $3 to $6 per linear foot, but needs to be replaced more often and cost more as a long-term investment.

There are several brands to choose from.  Sears offers a variety of brands including Rain Master and Amerimax.  The gutters are available in both vinyl and aluminum and have all the needing joints and drain off shoots.  Both systems are easy to install and you can do yourself saving money with labor.  Lowes, another home-store also offers seamless rain gutter systems produced by Genova and Severe Weather -currently offering Free Shipping on $49 or more! Both stores also offer affordable installation. Local companies can also offer you affordable deals with purchases and installation.

Once the seamless rain gutters are installed, they will still need occasional maintenance.  If there are trees near the gutters it is important to make sure that there are no leaves clogging the drains.  Simple maintenance that can take just a few minutes will help prevent needing to replace broken pieces later.  The systems maintenance is relatively low.  Seamless rain gutters are an inexpensive investment in your home and convenience during the rainy season.

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